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A totally portable option which comes with ongoing software upgrades, and lifetime warranty!

Reach more of your patrons with the ability to move around freely - gaming rooms, bistro, courtyards, front bars, bowling greens - all regardless of Wi-Fi coverage.

Personalise tickets with club name, logo, raffle name, an extra line of info and raffle license number.

Lightweight design at just 630g, plus Bluetooth integration with MultiScreen tablet.

Full cash reconciliation plus sales data can be easily viewed or exported for auditing.

Optional ‘Second Chance Draw’ section. Free ticket numbers can optionally be added.

Save money - no need to buy pre-printed tickets, plus no wastage

Ticket prices and amount of numbers allocated can be pre-configured for each game.

Sell tickets for multiple games at once.

All parameters are automatically uploaded to your MultiScreen unit.

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