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“My members have certainly responded to the club’s participation in the MultiScreen-SuperDraw. We have been in MultiScreen’s Wednesday night SuperDraw now for twelve weeks and food revenue has jumped by a consistent 80%, beverages by 130% and gaming turnover has increased by 25%. The MultiScreen SuperDraw is definetely a success for the club and its members”

Malcolm Blandthorn

General Manager

(Maryborough Highland Society)

The Home of SuperDraws

MultiScreen SuperDraw allows multiple clubs at different locations to come together for a raffle draw, which is live streamed to each of the venues via the MultiScreen control room. We co-ordinate the draw and provide all technology. The MultiScreen system is equipped to provide a totally transparent SuperDraw experience.

More Clubs, Bigger Jackpots

Each club contributes to the jackpot amount - meaning your club has the opportunity to give away huge amounts of cash!

Increase Your Revenue

Current SuperDraw clients have reported that the SuperDraw night has turned into their biggest night, with members coming for the draw and staying to enjoy an evening of food, drinks, pokies, raffles and entertainment.

The Technological Advantage

MultiScreen has been at the forefront of SuperDraws since 2014 - we have developed the technology to make your SuperDraw a great event.

Choose Your SuperDraw!

You can choose the style of SuperDraw that suits your venue -'Cash Jackpot Superdraw', '$5,000 & $10,000 Cash SuperDraw', 'Prizes Jackpot SuperDraw', 'Sponsored SuperDraw' or 'Intervenue Streaming'.

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